How can we help?

Hi there! As a new name in the market, we're sure you might have a few questions. Such as . . .

What is Muniy?

Neobanks, challenger banks, fintechs . . . there's a lot of jargon out there. We're just trying to make your life easier, by reducing the costs and hassles of bank accounts, and maximising what you use your money for in the first place — to get what you want.

We do this by applying technology to offer you lower rates, connect you with better services, and create an experience tailored to your financial life.

So what's the name for something like this? Well, obviously, we think it's called Muniy.

Cool, how do I get an account?

You can find us on the App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android devices. After downloading, just open the app and snap a selfie to get started.

Where are you based?

We are based in London, and registered with the Companies House in the UK. But, like any good tech company these days, we have an extremely productive team distributed around the world, from New York to Vancouver.

Help! Something isn't working.

Please let us know! You can reach us at

If you're part of our private pilot program, there is also support contact information on the introductory letter that you received, as well as on the back of your card. Please contact us using that, and we'll get right on it!

How do I get / change / reset the PIN for my card?

We're working on making this possible from within the app, but in the meantime, please contact us at

I think there could be some interesting opportunities for our companies to work together. Are you looking for partnerships?

We all get better together, and if it's something that could make lives better for our users, then we're definitely intrigued. Email us at and let us know what you're thinking.

This actually sounds like something I'd like to get involved with! Can we discuss opportunities?

We sure can! We're always interested in meeting talented, driven individuals who know the lyrics to "Make it Rain" (the Fat Joe version, not the Ed Sheeran version, please). Shoot us an email at and let's get talking.