Muniy is for everyone.

You heard right, no person left behind and we aim to be the most inclusive option for all your everyday financial needs. Now let’s look at why we believe Muniy should be the choice for you.

#1 Muniy is for people who want to hit their #lifegoals.

Muniy makes budgeting easy. You’ll get an instant notification for every purchase that is made with your Muniy card. Find yourself overspending on things like groceries every month - use Muniy to set budgets for spending buckets and start sticking to them!

#2 Muniy is for you, not the scammer in his mum’s basement trying to buy stuff with your account.

Muniy will make sure that really nobody will use your card but yourself. With location-based security we can assure you that if there is a payment happening other than where you find yourself, we will block the payment and let you know immediately.

#3 Muniy is for expats and families abroad.

Often times expats and family members of expats face tons and tons of unnecessary barriers when they try and open a bank account abroad. We know that moving to another country already comes with a high amount of complexities and stress, having access to money and being able to make payments shouldn’t be one of them.

Muniy is currently available across the EU and you can sign up for your account in a matter of minutes. With our free muniy-to-muniy service you can transfer money absolutely free to your loved ones, wherever they are in the world.

Transfers between Muniy card holders are instant and take literally seconds. We understand that some payments just cannot wait!

You heard right, no person left behind and we aim to be the most inclusive option for all your everyday financial needs.

#4 Muniy is for travellers.

Going abroad? Good news, you can use your Muniy card in all 195 countries on this planet! Our budgeting tool and instant notifications were developed with travelers needs in mind. They will be your guardian angel when you’re abroad and have better things to do than working out budgets.

#5 Muniy is for merchants.

If you ask us, merchants have been overlooked in the digital banking revolution. Muniy brings the speed and convenience of digital finance to merchants and the retail experience. We save you money by allowing you to accept payments via QR code. Every payment is tracked in detail, giving you better insight into your customers and the power to grow your business.

#6 We don’t stop.

Our team is working relentlessly on new features and the above are just the beginning. We want to create a truly inclusive financial experience and will focus on creating dialogue with you to find out what feature would make your life easier. We got your back.

As always, please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or have any feedback, we’d be more than happy to have a chat.

- Ulrike Eder, for The Muniy Team