The Smart Choice for Ridiculously Cheap Payments


Save over 85% with SmartMuniy vs Stripe

You could be paying £16,000 in fees with Stripe on just £1M in sales. With SmartMuniy, it'd only be £2,000.

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based on an average transaction value of £100, in the UK
£16,000 with Stripe

Take payments for less, get paid faster

SmartMuniy lets your business accept payments for less cost, in less time, with less hassle. Sign up for a combined SmartMuniy payments and Muniy business funds account and get:

£0.20/transaction is all you pay. Period.
Funds available in your account instantly with SmartMuniy payments (1 day with V/MC - confirm this with Ashish)
Simple sign-up process to get started fast.

Get started quickly

We're integrated with the two most popular e-commerce platforms, Shopify and Magento, with support coming soon for Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, and WooCommerce.

Connect automatically to SmartMuniy with just one click and start accepting payments in record time.


People-first payments

We make it easier for your customers to pay you - meaning they're more likely to complete the purchase, and you're more likely to get paid.

Customers can simply scan the SmartMuniy QR code to checkout without entering any additional payment info. It's safer and faster for everyone.